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This may not make sense to non-T-E-C members, but the blog is one of our journals, and this kind of thing gets posted in them this time of year.

2023-2024 T-E-C Election: Redistricting, Council Size, and Election Dates

While they don’t apply as strongly as they once did, the districts prevent things like Janet & Saoirse from making almost all decisions because they are in the same district, and only one of them can be on the council simultaneously. Likewise, most of the kids are in the same district and are prevented from running the show by themselves. Both have been concerns previously voiced by members of the system.

By the numbers, District Three (“Sharon’s District”) is the largest in the system. There is a feeling that the current districting plan is unfair to District Three. It is therefore suggested that all districting be removed as a legacy of the past and that we move into a single, unified district model. The system would elect all council members by popular vote without regard to the past sub-systems or districts.

This would, however, shift considerable voting power to the current District Three members, and there are concerns from District One (“Saoirse & Janet’s District”) about shifting too much power into the hands of young members of T-E-C. Also, as one of the likely outcomes of a single popular vote is that both Carol Ann and Sharon would end up on the three-member council at the same time, District One has concerns about being disenfranchised should District Two take the remaining council seat.

Thus, a compromise is put forth that the number of council seats is increased from three to five and that most decisions now require 3/5ths of the council’s approval. Three seats would be reserved for non-children, with two being available for system members of any age.

There is still some concern from District One that two children and Sharon could vote things into place; however, it has been pointed out that the kids are their own persons, and if District One is so concerned about them voting against them, maybe they should pay more attention to them and their needs.

Because moving to a single unified district and a five-member council would be a radical shift in how things are run, it requires unanimous approval by the council. Saoirse has voiced opposition, but Janet has stated that she’s fine with it and that she’ll run against Saoirse if we stay with the current district plan and three-member council.

Because of how the current rules work, if Saoirse & Janet both run, the council chairperson, Forest, will decide a tie for their district. Forest has stated Janet will be selected. Therefore, even if we continue electing a three-member council for the next term, its first act will almost certainly be to approve a five-member council. Forest & Janet have promised to vote for Saoirse in a five-member election as a peace offering if she approves the new plan now.

The council, therefore, approves.

Traditionally, each system member has voted for only one council representative. Due to the new expanded structure, it’s been agreed by the current council that each system member will vote for their top three picks in the upcoming election. This may be revised again next year.

System elections for the new five-member council will be open until Thursday, October 12th. Votes may be cast only in the official handwritten System Journal. Once cast, votes cannot be changed. Votes are public knowledge. Bribes are legal, keeping in mind all major expenditures still require council approval. Voter intimidation will result in disqualification.

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