What Do You Want From Me?

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This is a note to my headmates, as we seem to be moving more and more internal stuff to the blog as opposed to email, which is fine, I guess.

It’s true that the last month I’ve been floundering a bit in who I am, but I didn’t expect how…. needed? popular? Saoirse was. First Sharon writes a letter like Saoirse died, then I guess child alters are sad I’m not taking care of making bathrooms safe. GAH. OK guys, OK. I’m still here. I was, you know, trying to figure out who I was given a whole influx of new information. Maybe even turn into something new. But, it seems Saoirse is needed in the system as Saoirse right now. And as confused as I am right now, there is one thing I do know. I do what needs to be done.

I’ll do my best to step back into those shoes. I don’t know that I can return to exactly the way I was. I’m going to get together with FW and see if we can rejigger my programming a little, as FW simply told me after therapy tonight – “You know where Lethe is”, referencing my experience with the Mnemosyne.

So, yeah. I’m going on another one of FW’s damn journeys. Because it apparently is what needs to be done.

#fusion #journey #did

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