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This is really Saoirse’s news, but Saoirse has been sitting on it all weekend and all day, and I just have to share.

Saoirse “came out” as having D.I.D. to our boss on Friday via email. His reaction? “I’m not surprised, I sorta expected you were dealing with multiple personalities”.

Well, I guess with Janet largely offline, its kind of obvious that if Saoirse isn’t home, um, technical networking stuff isn’t getting done. That, and the boss already knew about the flashbacks and PTSD stuff. I guess he really can add 2+2.

No, no co-workers have been told yet, and I don’t think there is any need or rush to, but WOW. While we haven’t shouted from the rooftops, there is now no aspect of our life that we haven’t minimally come out as having D.I.D. in.

This is scary and exciting. I did not expect Saoirse to do this in a million years. When I read the email exchange I think I actually made a loud “Holy #!$!” But, it seems boss is cool, company is cool, just another disability… get your stuff done and no one cares.

I won’t lie, the get your stuff done part has been a little bit of a struggle lately. I seem to come out more when we’re having flashbacks and nightmares, and while I’m not an idiot, I really don’t get what Saoirse and Janet do. This is a problem. Also, some of the littler ones have been surfacing recently, and they know enough to take a sick day and that’s about it.

So. work isn’t a slam dunk. But, at least there is no fear of being “found out” now. That ship sailed. And apparently did a while ago. No more big fear of “what if someone from work finds the blog”. If you’re from work, um, hi! Come on in. The water’s fine.

In other news, we’re due for possible new ruling council members with our upcoming system election. Yay, democracy. Let’s see, Janet will vote for Janet, Saoirse will vote for Saoirse, and I’ll hold one of the tie breaking votes over their seat. The question is who I think will be the least annoying for the next year. 😉 I’m running unopposed for my seat.

I have to admit, a slightly suspicious me wonders if Saoirse’s reveal at work was partly politics trying to get my support for the council election. Yes, being in a system can be complicated. If Saoirse hires pollsters, I’m sooooo done. XD

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