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Hi, it’s Sharon. The last few weeks have been really bad health wise. First, the air quality was really for bad several days in September, and when you already have trouble breathing, that’s NO fun. Then last week our body decided to up the ante. Our heart decided to go afib again, this time with a resting pulse over 180. The ER had to sedate us and shock our heart back into normal rhythm. The ER also showed that our blood sugar was waaaayy high (492). Follow up has shown that yes, we have Diabetes. And let me tell you, blood sugar in the 300 and 400s makes you feel like shit. So yeah, health problems are like pokemon for us it seems, Gotta Catch Em All!

My mom has been staying with us the past week in case we have another medical emergency. I’ve been largely masking (see previous post), but I can’t fake that I can do Saoirse’s job…. so I’ve played a lot of World of Warcraft. Saoirse has mostly been AWOL. I get to deal with serious health issues. It’s always been part of my job. /shrug

I’ve completely changed our diet. No more soda. No more fast food. Instead, we’re using bistromd.com’s diabetic diet plan. The food is actually pretty good, and isn’t much more expensive than doordashing most of our meals. I’m hoping everyone will be on board with staying on the diet. Not only do we need to watch our sugar intake, we need to lose weight… but, we did have the happy discovery that we lost over 20 pounds since our August Dr. visit. So, yay.

Anyway, today is actually pretty good. The air quality is better, and I’m not on supplemental oxygen for the moment. Blood sugar is in the 190s, which is high, but it ain’t 492! Dr. is going to adjust our diabetic meds, so hopefully that normalizes soon. We have a follow up with a cardiologist on our heart, as this is the second time I’ve gone to the ER with an afib episode. This last one seemed to be more serious, based on the reaction and the speed with which my ER room was filled with people. Still a bit worried about that.


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1 year ago

Sharon, you have been wonderful. I know that you and the kiddos have been busy on WOW. I think everyone needed that. I am glad that Saoirse was able to come out for a bit yesterday. I could tell she was there. I can detect her better than I can you. Actually, I think I have been dealing with you most of the last week. You do a wonderful job of protecting everyone!!

I Love Everyone. Mom

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