Orchard Intro Post

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

We are The Orchard (no real reason other than liking the visual), and will also answer to the general name “Yonah” at times. Collectively, “they” is fine for pronouns. We’ve been aware of DID symptoms since teen years, more seriously in college, but have only been actively working together as a system for around half a year. (We were also professionally diagnosed during this time.) We recently married our partner of 5 years, and present mostly unmasked in our home.

We’ve had interest in various fields, that have somewhat shifted with changes in hosts. Our undergraduate BS’s were in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering (the latter being more of a “freebie” extra degree for a few extra courses). We returned to school currently after a few years break for a Data Analytics MPS, with current interest in pursuing a Psych PhD if the future permits.

Outside of school and work, a few of us love video games, generally RPGs, and several of us enjoy arts/crafts. Multiple of us contribute to the sketches about our life on @orchard-system on Tumblr, which leads to several art styles. Miniatures have also been a big thing for us.

Who’s Who? Major Players (that are active on social media):

•Yonah: she/they. Our recent ex-host, who also serves as the public-facing persona the whole system uses. We also often say things like “Yonah’s parents” rather than “our parents”.

•Lauriam: he/she. One of two co-hosts. I mostly try to take care of others in the system and our body, which isn’t always easy to say the least. I also split the duty of looking after our littles with Annise (household caretaker).

•Brain: he/him. Our other co-host and my partner. He does most of the work holding down our job, and then mostly plays video games outside of that. He used to be more involved in academics, but we have a handful of other alters taking that off his hands a bit these days.

•Aza: he/him. He’s… an interesting one, and can be playful and fun in conversation. There’s a lot going on with his system role, but nothing that’d be fair for me to say here.

•Van: he/it. Still a teen, and very angry about a lot of things. He writes a lot of fanfiction exploring his/our trauma on our ao3 account.

Not Mentioned:

•our other trauma holders and/or kids

•alters with specific functions that don’t include being social.

•alters that rarely front.

(I’m hoping this isn’t put on the main page if I don’t check the Member Blog box, as I’m mostly making this as something to link to.)

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