System Introduction – Pt. 1/?

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

(This post was first created in December 2022 and it is now February 2024. We wanted to be sure and get other parts’ permissions and opinions before posting. Some had to think about it, so we allowed time for that. This post has been edited by our host. <3)

My name is Luna Evanstar, and I’m the host of our system. We don’t really have a system name that we collectively go by, but you can just call all of us Luna or Luna E or whatever strikes your fancy. We’re very used to masking as just one person, so we likely won’t outwardly identify who is fronting, as that’s something we only feel comfortable doing privately with specific people.

I thought that it would be fun to make a little blog post introducing the alters in our system. This post won’t include our littles as we want to keep them protected. We might make more blog posts in the future, as I want to use it as a way to track our healing and system changes.

A lot of our parts share system roles (as well as some alters having multiple system roles) so not everything will be listed in that regard. Some system members also don’t want to be included or mentioned, and that will be respected. If they choose to be included in an introduction post later, they are free to change their minds.

We got diagnosed with DID in mid-2020, but we’ve been in and out of therapy since we were very young for different reasons. We’ve been going to therapy consistently for the past 7 years, seeking to heal from our trauma.

We are a dog mom to two adorable doggos, and we all love animals, each of us favoring different animals. A lot of us love gaming as we grew up playing and watching our parents play. You name the game, we’ve probably played/heard of it. We have a husband who we’ve been with for about 7 years now, though he’s only in a romantic relationship with me(the host). We go by Luna Evanstar because of Maplestory (Evan is my favorite class in the game lol). We’re also an autistic system(diagnosed when we were 14), so we struggle with socializing and admittedly we’re very awkward because of it. We have three associate’s degrees: General Studies, Psychology, and Sociology. I don’t think any of us will ever be able to go back to studying, but I’m proud that we were able to graduate despite our struggles.

In total, there are six of us who are active members in our system, not including littles or dormant alters:

Age: 28 (Ages with body)

Pronouns: she/her/they/them

Our host’s name is Luna. We believe that she’s been host for about 9 years. Luna is out 90% of the time, so more than likely if you talk to us it’ll be her fronting. She deals with getting us to therapy, day-to-day life stuff, getting work done, etc.

Luna is a very creative person. She enjoys writing and creating stories. She’s in the process of developing a farming simulator video game which she’s been working on since 2019. It’s something that she’s really passionate about. It’s still in very early development, but she’s hoping to finish it within the next few years. So far it has over 30 characters, including 16 romanceable characters. She’s also writing a slice-of-life romance novel, though that’s more so on the backburner for now.

She also really enjoys gaming. She really loves RPGs, life simulations, and story-based games. Her favorite games are the ones where you can create your own character, because she likes to create elaborate backstories for her characters and make them look cool.

She’s a practicing witch and mainly does a lot of herbal and moon magic. She’s really into astrology and dragon magic, as well.

She loves taking care of plants and animals. She’s a really big animal lover. It’s her dream to one day own a farm with dogs, chickens, and horses.

As of now: The original Luna has since fused with one of our protectors, Maxi. She made this portion originally so we’re keeping it in. I as Luna 2.0 still embody this description, but I’ve experienced some personality/interest changes. I started crocheting in May 2023 and have gained a special interest in Dungeons and Dragons, DMing for our friends. I have also taken on Maxi’s spiritual practices.

Age: 15-19 (Ageslider)

Pronouns: she/her

Maxi has been in the system for a while. Her full name is Maxima, but we just call her Maxi. She fronted the most when we were in high school. Then she was co-host with Luna for a short time when we were 19. She’s our most social and extroverted alter, and enjoys making friends and meeting new people. She only ageslides when she’s having a flashback, but otherwise stays at the age of 19.

She enjoys dancing and singing, and likes to go to parties and clubs. She also loves theater and musicals, as she used to do acting in high school theater class. She’s the more rebellious and impulsive out of all of us, which can be fun sometimes but chaotic other times. She also likes drawing and we’ll often find a new doodle in our journal if she’s been out.

She does enjoy some games, but she doesn’t like games that are too complicated. Online games and MMOs are usually positive triggers as she likes the social aspects of them. She loves listening to music and will always have something playing from our phone or computer when she’s out.

She is also one of our practicing witches. At first she was interested in the Wiccan path, but realized it wasn’t for her and decided to focus on other paths. She mostly reads tarot, works with crystals, and practices divination.

As of now: Maxi has fused with our host (Luna) as of a few months ago, but we’ll still include this entry as she made it and it doesn’t feel right to delete.

Age: Unknown

Pronouns: he/him

H is our most recently split alter, having split from another in 2021. He doesn’t know how old he is, but he knows that he’s adult age. He is what we consider our primary protector, and he also helps Care with making sure our littles are protected and taken care of. He only really fronts during specific times, such as if we’re in public by ourselves or if we’re driving while anxious. He’s highly protective of all of us, and doesn’t trust people easily, but he’s a softie outside of him needing to protect us.

He also likes gaming, and tends to gravitate towards Souls-like games and high fantasy RPG games. He also likes to play chess every once in a while from an app on our phone, though he’s a beginner at it. He enjoys talking to people, as he doesn’t get to socialize with others outside of system members and workers at stores, but he admittedly prefers the company of our system members. He’s very thoughtful in that he makes sure everybody is doing ok and our needs are being met.

As of now: H and Maxi were in a relationship with each other before she fused. So, there are a lot confusing feelings on both our sides (H and Luna 2.0) that we’re having to work through.

Age: 25

Pronouns: she/her

Our caregiver part has been in our system for a very long time. She has chosen to go by Caregiver or Care. She has memories from our early childhood. She is very nurturing and sees a lot of the system members as her children. She and H both help take care of the littles, and Care usually will front to take care of the body if we’re sick. She also helps alters go dormant if they want to, so she knows the total number of alters in our system.

Outside of her role, Care loves taking care of plants and animals. She finds cleaning calming. Sometimes she’ll enjoy a cup of hot tea in the morning or before bed. However, most of her time is spent inside taking care of the littles. Overall, she’s a very kind and positive person, and wants for all of us to be happy and healthy, even if it’s at her own expense.

Age: Unknown

Pronouns: she/her

Dany is an almost purely internal alter, but she has fronted a few times. We believe that she split off someone around 2017/2018. Her role is very complicated and confusing, and she doesn’t fully understand it. She doesn’t understand or know a lot of things outside her life in the inner world. She used to be separated from the rest of us until we were diagnosed in 2020. Like H, she is an adult alter but doesn’t identify with a specific age.

Since being connected to the rest of us, she has taken an interest in the outside world since it is so different from her own in the inner world. She enjoys playing RPGs and she’s developed a sweet tooth. She likes cooking and baking a lot and enjoys experimenting with new recipes. Even though she is able to communicate with us, she lives separately from the others in the inner world.

She is another one of our practicing witches, and she practices dragon magic, fire magic, and cooking magic.

As of now: She wants to take a more active role in our system and help us in our healing journey.

Age: Ageless

Pronouns: they/them/she/her

V has been around since we were very little, but has been dormant for almost 17 years until last year(2023) when they came out of dormancy. They don’t identify with any age or age range, and they’re a non-human alter(they see themselves as a spring sprite in the inner world). Some of us remember them from our childhood, but before they’d come out of dormancy we thought they’d been an imaginary friend. They live separately from the other alters in the inner world, the same way Dany does.

Her role seems to be dealing with emotional regulation, and she only fronts when there’s extreme dysregulation. Because of her role, V mainly tries to do things to calm our system down and relax us. She likes the outdoors and so will sit on our front porch to get some fresh air or she’ll take a walk. She’ll sometimes leave comforting messages for us in our journal or communication app. She helps out a lot with self-care whenever other parts are struggling.

Because of the infrequency of when they front, they haven’t had much of a chance to figure out who they are as a person. She takes her role in the system very seriously though, and is wanting to be active in our healing journey.


That’s everyone for now. There is one alter who has chosen not to make an entry, and I’m respecting her decision. She has said that she doesn’t mind being mentioned or talked about on the site or discord, but that she doesn’t want to introduce herself. We do also have dormant alters who may or may not wish to be mentioned, and Care is the only one who knows how many dormant parts there are. So all that to say, we might add more introductions, but there’s no telling if and when that will happen and how many introduction posts we’ll have to make.

If you got this far, thanks for reading about us. <3 It’s long and wordy, but it’s a more in-depth introduction to us as a system. I’m happy to answer questions if there are any (within reason lol) and I’m happy to get to know other systems. It’s a lonely world for us, and we don’t want to be lonely anymore.

Much love and I hope everyone has an amazing day,

Luna Evanstar

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5 months ago

Great intro! It’s good to meet you all. Blessed be!

4 months ago

Nice to ‘meet’ y’all! A lot of alters over here got SUPER excited while reading through this (they think a lot of the similar things are cool, and are having “cool-person paralysis” though, so I’ll let them take their time to be excited and talk about such things)
It is really nice to see more practicing witches, though! Especially those that aren’t Wiccan, as it’s such a different path from ourselves. Blessed be, one and all!

Reply to  Luna
4 months ago

To steal from one of our favorite animes of all time, Fruits Basket:
“Maybe the reason you don’t see it is that it’s stuck to your back. What I mean is, a person’s admiral qualities, they’re just like, say, a pickled plum on a rice ball. In other words the person’s the rice ball and the plum’s stuck to their back. So, all over the world you can have rice balls made with all sorts of wonderful ingredients, all different flavors and shapes and colors, but since they’d be stuck in the middle of everyone’s back, someone could have a plum and not even know it. They’d look at themselves and think “I’m so plain, nothing but white rice,” even though it isn’t true because, turn them around and, sure enough, there it is. There’s the plum.”

I thoroughly agree on witchcraft having a very positive effect on the healing journey! It has certainly been the case over here…I believe it was even a major contributor towards our system reaching a stable form of self-awareness, even!

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