Peanut Butter, Anti-Psychotics, Holidays, and Google Ads.

Merry I’m-Glad-I’m-Not-A-Turkey Day for those of you also in the US. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the holidays. From mid-November until New Year’s, I dig a psychological war-time trench where I hide while explosions of holiday cheer and 50% off ads burst around me. That isn’t to say it’s not a religious time – I say several maybe-prayers to the agnostic maybe-god that the season will pass quickly. This year, I may even erect a holy question mark. But, in general, I dislike the season.

For most of my career, I’ve volunteered to work the holidays. I want to ignore that they exist. This year, however, I find myself on short-term disability, so I can’t work Thanksgiving. I’m prepared, though. I have an almost complete package of frozen burritos, some peanut butter, and other traditional T-E-C holiday fare. If I’m lucky, I’ll sleep through the damn day.

I will be attending a day after Thanksgiving meal at my Mom and Stepdad’s house on Friday, however. They are good people, the only family I really get on with, and it will be just us. It’s a symbol of their love to have this event… and it’s a symbol of mine to eat my Stepdad’s cooking.

At least I think I’ll be eating my Stepdad’s cooking. It kind of depends on how far I decide it’s safe to venture from a toilet. This is the great week of switching from Zyprexa to Vraylar, and in some ways it’s worse than eating bad Mexican food. I’m encouraged that it’s going better than most anti-psychotic switches I’ve done, in that it’s mainly just a physical shitstorm instead of a mental one. Still, it’s early in the process. Will I go balls to the wall manic? Will I hallucinate? Will I turn into a zombie? Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, the Google ads. It seems dissociative ads during the holidays are big business. Google says that my “competitors” are spending around $1200/month right now on Google ads. <jaw drop> I’ve decided to spend $100, which means the chances of seeing the cafe ad on Google are only slightly better than winning the lotto. Still, there may be someone out there struggling who could benefit from the cafe, so I’ve decided to eat a few more peanut butter sandwiches instead of takeout and see if someone finds us.

All silliness aside, I want you all to know how thankful I am for our little community. If the cafe has helped even one other person, all the time and energy that goes into it has been worthwhile. Stay safe this holiday season. If you like to celebrate, more power to you. If you’re like me, well, you’re welcome to come hang out in my trench.

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