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-2433, -2176, 0307

I spent over an HOUR irl time making this stupid broken elevator up to the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. Most of that was before the system had to go to work, so we already had an insanely stressful time crunch…and then this STUPID freaking task decided to present itself.

In-game, without having heat-resistant clothing, I spent a good 3 DAYS making this work. I had to keep running for shade to cool down. And when my repairs broke repeatedly (so many times when we were already stressed)…that meant climbing back up to the higher level of the elevator to get more supplies and/or a better angle.

I used up so much food replenishing my health with the stupid heat, too.

and all so we have access to this terminal.

<I’m gonna interrupt quick and say that if we have to get heat resistant clothes before my dark set, I might be annoyed, but I’ll be OK-Dark Link>

…don’t get me wrong, these towers/terminals are INCREDIBLY helpful. They are fast travel points…and also the only way to truly gain a decent map.

Unless you really wanna try your hand at cartography, I guess.

I know we did that with the Legend of Zelda that was on the NES.

But this feels…way out of my abilities.

So instead, welcome to “Traveling Hyrule with Link!”

A blog [within the system blog], for detailing my journeys through Hyrule.

Man, I wish I’d had the ability to do this from the beginning. Oh well.

Idk what I’m going to all come across, but be aware that there will likely be spoilers. I’ll try to mark major spoilers…but there will definitely be stuff like spoilers that there’s a stupid freaking elevator that you have to fix before the Gerudo Canyon tower is working :/

So, if you want no spoilers whatsoever for this game (Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom), please avoid my blog posts.

Otherwise, let’s get into this…now that I actually have places to go!

Welp, as soon as I shot up into the sky, I saw a geoglyph. So…spoiler alert, as there is going to be one of the tear-memories here, which is one of the main things in this game.

I should probably mention rn that I currently have 7 heart containers, have finished two temples (wind/Rito and fire/Goron) and gotten the boosts from those, almost have my stamina wheels maxed out, and have previously gained 7 memory-tears. This tear will be my 8th.

Coordinates: -3178, -1702, 0419

Geoglyph looks like it might be Gannon/Gannondorf?

Holy shit…the memory actually INVOLVES Gannondorf. That’s really cool.

Apparently he gave a show of fealty to King Rauru and Queen Sonia and asked to be accepted into the kingdom.

And then he threw some backhanded comments and some thinly-veiled threats, too >_>”


Glad I don’t have to deal with THAT part of the timeline. I’ll leave the politics and treachery for Zelda to deal with 😂

Blahh…I paraglided away, and found another elevator. But this is all “unbearably hot” terrain, and I really don’t wanna deal with that rn, so I think I’m going to fast travel to one of the places I have marked on my map to explore more!

Welp…I leapt into the sky, and as I was diving back down, I decided to drop onto the dragon flying nearby. His (?) name is Farosh. I found this out by taking a selfie on his back

I’m currently just chilling, taking a ride on his head.

I wonder if I could fly all around Hyrule like this? 🤔 Not super convenient to get on…but it is really cool thus far!

Farosh is a lightning/storm dragon. It’s thundering, and there lightning sparking all over!

Holy…we’re already over lake Hylia. That’s a considerable distance from when I first landed on my new friend’s head.

…how stupid would it be to see if I can paraglide/dive into the whirlpool?

…I’m really tempted…

Fuck it.

Note: It’s probably a good thing I am aware of being a fictive, and am more aware of our body’s limits, or else I feel like I’d get us into HEAPS of problems with being like this…


There’s a cave down here, and a shrine crystal puzzle!!!!


[Co-con note: Link is giddy rn, bc his “dumb thought” turned out to be something really cool that he would have missed if he’d listened to the rest of us]

I kinda hate the shrine crystal puzzles, if I’m being perfectly honest.

Like, there are other alters who like them…but i personally would rather not. They just…don’t mesh super well with how my part of the brain works.

…okay, this one wasn’t so bad. We already had a nearby tower (popla foothills, iirc) unlocked, so getting up to where we needed ro be for this crystal wasn’t so bad. Just had to figure out which sky island it was, and had to hit the paraglider nearly right away and use the rito gust ability to head there.

Got a cool new weapon, and another blessing of light! I should try to find a goddess statue. I think I have enough to cap my stamina…and maybe still have some leftover for a heart container or two!

Idk where we were going exactly for the goddess statue, but where we are now…ahhh! There’s another geoglyph…I don’t THINK I’ve done this one already? I guess we’ll find out…

I have not! Score!!!

Coordinates are: -0649, -2680, 0068

<Spoiler Warning for another memory>

People are preparing for war?



This is the day before Rauru fights against Gannondorf?

Oooh, things are getting interesting!

Zelda is telling the king about the stuff from the start of this game, before she went back in time or whatnot.

:3 King Rauru believes in me. He’s all like “Our last defense is Link”, and just…the way he said it made me really happy

<This is only because earlier today, before work, we found one where Zelda was all “Link…even with everything here, I don’t think you’re going to be able to do it”, and Link has been building jokes off of that since -Dark Link>

We got distracted by wanting more map, so have found ourselves another tower…and it’s snowed it??? There’s a note from the construction brothers talking about it and a cave where they keep stuff…maybe the cave will give me the next step…

Yup, it did! But I had to go through the cave twice, because I didn’t realize I might need some of the stuff from the first area until AFTER the water current took me over a short waterfall and I couldn’t get where I needed 😅

Well, getting thrown up into the sky here has been…interesting. there’s something that looks kinda like a moon? And when we’re jumping around up here, there’s weird gravity???

So…I’m gonna leave that alone and actually seek out a goddess statue now lol 😂 I’ve only been meaning to do that and getting distracted all day

…and what do we do instead of teleporting back to a place we KNOW has a goddess statue? 🤦‍♂️

We dive down into a freaking CHASM.

<Note: I am one of the only people in our system that can tolerate, let alone LIKES parts of the chasm. It’s really scary for a lot of our littles (at least diving into it is), and I will admit it has unnerved/scared me as well…especially because I aimed for a lightroot and hit higher up than I was expected, and my whole screen just went…dark…and it freaked even me out, too.

The only reason I am so obsessed with the chasms though, is for the armor sets you unlock from down in the depths. I’ve heard there’s one that helps with the gloom…but I’m mostly in this for MY set of armor, which also seems to only be available in the depths. Which, admittedly, is fitting. But complicated…due to the fact that a lot of alters refuse to set foot in the depths at all… -Dark Link>

We found a chest with some armor in it! Unfortunately for Dark Link, it was the Trousers of Time…but we still thought it was cool

But the chasm was freaking the littles out too much for much exploring, so we have now teleported back to a town with a goddess statue…so fingers crossed that we won’t get distracted AGAIN

Didn’t max out my stamina…but I got a full second wheel, and part of a third. I also got an 8th heart container ^^

AND…I unlocked the devil/bargainer statue 🤔 I never really used them in Breath of the Wild, but it’s still nice to know where at least one of them is.

I also found a secret passage to hyrule castle! But it’s full of all sorts of monsters and we need to get to bed because we work again in the morning…

I hope this wasn’t too weird/random/boring. I really like talking about Legend of Zelda, and I thought this might be an alright place and way to start ^^”

-=-=-=-=-=- Written by: Link <and Dark Link> -=-=-=-=-=-

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6 months ago

Well even if other people find it weird and boring, I think that your excitement is cute and I want to hear more. It just very much sounds like your voice. <3

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