Calm and clarity and uneasiness with that

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

Something about having frequent system changes due to high stress circumstances, makes external surroundings feel like a ghost town. Or that I am the ghost. Haunting this place. 

Especially at the dining hall.

Roughly familiar faces. Don’t exactly know why they look familiar. But that do. 

Time seems to function differently.

Like the chapter breaks in Of Mice and Men. 

It doesn’t really make sense. 

Nor do I know why I have the need to uncover this feeling rather than rest easy in it. 

Maybe the hyperviliguance is what makes this feeling of calm and clarity feel scary, confusing, and uneasy. 

I am not high off adrenaline.

But it’s something else. 

I want to stop it here when my thoughts are succinct. 

And mainly because I think that the more words that I say will just repeat each other but be worded differently. 

Also want this to be on some sort of record for our system.

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