It’s hard to fear an after-death hell when it feels like you’re living in one.

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Didn’t realize dealing with health insurance and medical appointments would be a hell like this, but here we are.

Sunday it seemed like we had a plan to get back on our one med that we’ve been off of for a month (not on purpose). We had an appointment on Wednesday and were going to talk to the doctor about the meds, our sleep consultation, and the new information that our family has a connective tissue disorder (may or may not be EDS) and we probably have it as well.

Tuesday Cass fronted again finally and actually felt more like herself. And according to Lili, that makes things right in the world. And we figured out a few other things with a couple alters (Taiga got his name!)

Then everything went to shit again. The clinic called half an hour before our appointment and said the doc wouldn’t be in the rest of the week and rescheduled our appt for Monday. We left a message about our med in case he stopped in. That was manageable. Yesterday they called again because they had messed up the days he’d be gone and he wasn’t going to be in on Monday but would be in today and had openings. Too bad we work out of town and can’t get someone to cover on that short of notice. So the next opening was April 9th. Now we have to wait two more weeks. Today they called again to say that he didn’t want to give us a new prescription and prior authorization for our med without seeing us first. Apparently fuck us that we haven’t had it in our system for a month and as of today have now missed two doses.

This is on top of trying to figure out why the government thinks we can afford that much in medical bills, what the fuck the co-pays are doing, what we have to pay out of pocket for our deductible, what the insurance even fucking covers, just everything with the insurance and getting to the bottom of what is even fully wrong with us. 

So needless to say we are very stressed and just want a break. Or someone to deal with all of this for us. Trying to keep us from going down the very negative and dark route but fuck this isn’t making it easy.

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19 days ago

That sounds incredibly stressful. We hope that life calms down for you soon. You deserve a break.

19 days ago

Healthcare freaking SUCKS

19 days ago

Y’all have been dealing with so much crap with all of this, and I really hope it settles down soon…you already have enough to deal with >n<

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