My wife’s toaster

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Okay, so I guess technically it’s OUR toaster, now that we’re married and living in the same house.

But this toaster was our wife/partner-system’s before it came here, so it still feels Very Important to give it the Distinction of being our Wife’s Toaster

Anyway, I personally LOVE this thing

There’s not just two slots, but FOUR

Just this alone makes me feel like some weirdly lowkey wealthy person :3

But in addition to this, the setting slider thing isn’t a turn-knob like the toasters I’ve had before

(Please ignore the crumbs, I just made a couple toaster strudel)

But look at it!!! 😍

It’s beautiful! It goes from 1-9, which when presented in this way just seems to “click” in my brain (especially with the concepts of “bagel” being on the lower, just toasty side, and then “defrost” being on the other end)

We used to HATE making stuff in the toaster, especially growing up. Our Parental Units didn’t usually have a problem other than mild annoyance when we would forget to turn the setting back to their default (there were times the reaction was more extreme, but for the most part, our system felt confident that we wouldn’t get in a ton of trouble for utilizing the toaster), but we could also never “fine tune” our preferred settings for the various toaster-made foods we would like to have. The setting would get changed back to whatever setting our parent-units dictated (somewhere all too close to “blackened to the core” for our preferences), and with the weird, numberless knob-dial thing , combined with our amnesia, we would often just “go with our gut” when were were toasting things…and it never went all that well for us.

Most of the time, the food was edible. But it would still be semi-frozen in the middle. And if we flipped it and put it back in, it would just turn into a crispy burnt waste of food (because our neurodivergent self can not handle bread products that are burnt to black). So, often, we would settle for the cold spots in the middle of our toaster-made foods.

Even with our own toaster, we didn’t fully get it. We could get it to that edible-but-still-frozen-in-the-middle stage, but not to anything better.

But this toaster–our wife’s amazing and wonderful toaster–we have been able to make ourselves toaster strudels that are WARM all the way through, with little to no burning, even on the edges and corners!!

We’re still fine-tuning it (because we can actually fine tune better with the combination of the numbers with dots, as well as the little click-y adjusting sounds that are made when you shift it ^.^), but rn we know that as long as we’re in the ballpark of “7”, we can put our delicious strawberry and cream cheese toaster strudel in ONCE, and then they’re good to eat!

I’ve found that we still have the habit of adjusting the dial/slider back to the general region it was before, but we might be able to work on letting that habit go if our wife is okay with it (I don’t see why they wouldn’t be, but even if it’s just more convenient for them, I don’t mind keeping it)…but I’m just so excited that with the combination of numbers, click-ies, and the horizontal slider bar instead of a dial, we’re able to make something that is already hard for us (eating) even a slight bit easier for us!

And then something that is even more of a childhood dream come true is that our wife/partner system doesn’t like the icing packets that come with the toaster strudel (which is such a weird concept to me, because that sugary goodness is part of my whole DRAW to them ^.^)…this leaves me/my system with EXTRA ICING PACKETS


We didn’t even realize how much of a childhood dream having TWO icing packets per strudel was until these circumstances fell into our life.

It is the most amazing and delicious thing in the world

And like

It’s not like having amazing toaster strudel is going to make everything else in our life fall into place

But it did get us to eat SOMETHING today.

And that is honestly a HUGE step for us.

So, thank you to our wife’s toaster! And thank you to our wife/partner-system for letting us benefit from the icing packets you don’t use!


Written by: Nai

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3 months ago

<3 <3 <3

3 months ago

That's awesome that it works so well for you and you like it so much!

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