Kermit Council Update

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It’s been a week since Saoirse posted about the Kermit Council. Here are the updates:

  • The call for volunteers For the 2024 Council will end on Saturday, May the 11th. If you are a level 2 tadpole or above, you can run for an elected seat on the council. If you are a level 5 tadpole or above, you are entitled to a permanent seat on the council, but you must volunteer for it.
  • Elections will happen from May 11th until May 18th unless no one else volunteers for an elected seat. We currently have two candidates for two elected seats, so having an election is pointless. Elections will be carried out on the website if required.
  • This first council will stay in place until the end of January. T-E-C traditionally has a harder time with life around the holidays, and we don’t want to run an election during them. Future councils will run for six months, with elections every January and July.
  • T-E-C will have a veto that we hope never needs to be used. It’s purely for Cover-Your-Ass moments (legal, financial, technical). The cafe is run out of our checking account and on our server. If/when the cafe becomes a legal non-profit, this will change.


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