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So here we are! I’m glad to find a place that feels inviting with other people like us. The discord has been great so far. It’s been nice to talk with other people who are like us and I don’t have to go and explain so much about myself just for people to be like “huh I don’t get it”.

My partner Kris is amazing and helpful, but he has his own traumas and burdens too and can only understand so much before he gets to a place where he just can’t comprehend. He was glad we found this place too.

I don’t know quite what all to say on here, but I guess I’m gonna treat this sort of like a day to day journal of sorts, and a space for the others to express themselves if they like. If I have any heavy topics, I’ll put TW in the journal headline so nobody stumbles onto something they didn’t wanna see.

I’ve been feeling a lot of switching activity going on, I guess everyone is a bit excited about the possibility of new friends to talk to, except Desi really, who claims she doesn’t need friends, she barely tolerated herself lol. But there’s been just so much brain fog it’s a little hard for any of us to concentrate. I feel like maybe one of the silent alters or more shy alters wants a little time out, but not sure which. I’m guessing they’ll come on out whenever they’re ready.

I’ve also been wondering if an alter that we previously thought gone/integrated might be trying to resurface. That would be pretty bad news if it’s the one I think, she was a persecutor and I’m not sure my partner would be equipped to deal with her. But… Eh, baby steps still. I just try to tell myself to breathe, and Desi comes out if the stress gets too bad.

I’m off for a day of more cooking and cleaning – sigh. Jess signing out.

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20 days ago

Congratulations on your first blog post, Jess!

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