“Rapid-switch Rambling” Episode One

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

Welcome to a new series I like to call “Rapid-Switch Rambling!” Where we go into blogging, with no set topic or thought in mind, and allow ourselves to ramble where’er the brain wishes until we reach some form of conclusion, our laptop battery dies, or we otherwise choose to end the blog post!

Holy hell, I forgot how much a simple font change can do for our brain.

While we were poking around and playing with what these blogs are capable of becoming…it’s beautiful. We could create art so easily within these confines. We could sing, and shout our emotions from the comfort of our blankets, and yet have it reach towns, states, and even countries away.

It’s honestly a little terrifying to think about. Here our system has been, talking about any and everything from crazy-intense and heavy things, to the joys… of a toaster (I don’t think we’re ever going to stop teasing Nai about that one), and any number of people read it. And not only read it, but also somehow enjoy reading all of the insanity?

We don’t stick to a genre. We don’t stick to focus. We just…talk about whatever is on the mind of whoever is fronting (even if that changes countless times)

Is this how blogs normally are?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know.

Which…kinda weirds me out. For all of our life, we’ve been told “you have to have a healthy intake of whatever you want to output” when it comes to the realms of creativity. And here we are, enjoying writing blog posts…but with little to no experience reading blog posts.

At least…not outside this website, and not at all since prior to starting here.

[um…are you forgetting about Quizilla? About Quotev? About the multiple attempts to use Wattpad? About tumblr? I can go on, if you’d like. Anyway. The point is. Being a system affects ALL parts of a person’s life. So talking about any and all parts of life and how we think is important, yes? It’s personal. It’s unique. do whatever the fuck you want with it, especially because you’ve already been wholeheartedly given permission to do so with this blog.]

{…I’m glad this site is 18+ Alexei alone would be a headache of work to make sure we remember to TW cussing, but not disrupt his flow and muck up fronting. I might put a general tw in our intro though, just so people interacting with the blog know to expect cussing from that one…}

Anyway. We’re not a recipe blogger. Though…that could be fun to do as a system, too. We’re not a fashion blogger. We’re a DID system blogger. All parts of our life tie back to this disorder, so all parts of our life are relevant to our experience. It’s weird to think about that tied back to one of our previous points. We talk about a lot of different parts of our lives in a variety of different ways, and send it out into the vast interwebs, and other people actually read it? And not even just read it, but actually like to read it?

It’s weird.

It’s almost like we’re writing an autobiography, and people are getting to read the “chapters” as they come out.

Is that a strange analogy to use?

[In a recent post, y’all referenced a very specific cross stitch pattern-maker…and you talked about font change as if it was this remarkable miracle at the beginning of this post…I think our system passed “strange” long ago]

<We’re not strange, we’re cool!!! -Nai >

Actually, my point about the font was kinda important. Figuring out how to change the font (I know other alters have figured it out before, but I hadn’t yet) reminded me of when we used to “talk” in different fonts when we could online, to distinguish ourselves from one another (at least to ourselves, looking back over the messages). That’s also when we started using “leet speak” {or whatever t41K1nG L1k3 t)-(1$ 1$} too.

Reading Homestuck came after this for our system, but I think it’s why we have some of the fictives we do now…because we saw the different ways the trolls typed and it reminded us of ourselves.

It reminded me that we very much used to talk to each other via blogging before, too. Even if we weren’t as overt as we are now, we do. And that’s really exciting, because it means that joining this site when we did, and utilizing it as we have is WORKING. It’s actually helping us progress. It’s the digital form of our sketchbook journal, and it’s how a large part of the alters we formed in our teenage years best communicate.

And because the website is working exactly how it was created to do, that proves that posting ALL the weird, and all the random, and all the abstract, and all the fictionalized, and all the poetry that we have been…none of it has been “off topic” for the site. The blogs are there to be used for the healing journey…and communication is a HUGE part of that.

Thank you, T-E-C, for the place to exist. Being ‘allowed’ to exist somewhere is so…weird. But it’s also been really helpful. Thank you for creating a place where all of us dissociative folk can exist, in our own unique ways. Each new blog post is a new surprise-a different perspective, borne from a very different life. It has helped our system in so many ways, and we haven’t even been here a half-year yet. Just…thank you.

Thank you, all the management peoples. The mods, the editors, probably other titles/roles I don’t know rn. I don’t really know who any of you are outside of these concepts, but things wouldn’t have gotten here without all of y’all, so thank you!!

Thank you to all the people who read these random blogs of ours. I don’t know how you came to them, or why you are reading them…but they’re snippets of our life. Thank you, for sharing some small part of yours to experience it.

Thank you, people who like reading our stuff. You confuse me. But thank you.

Welp, this seems as good as place as any to wrap this post up.

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16 days ago

Thank you for the kind words. The site has been good for our healing as well. It surprises me that we have readers, too, though! It makes me think we should all collaborate on a book or something someday.

And by the way, I loved the toaster blog.

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