Rapid-Switch Ramble – Episode Two

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

Subtitle: Attack of the Alters (in-system joke with a vague reference to one of our fave Star Wars movies)

Currently we’re just testing some fonts, and some of the different things we can do in this type of blogging space {a lot of alters want to see if we can at all replicate the way we used to write on Quizilla, Quotev, and the like…it currently seems like we can, but we’re finding that we have to re-learn a lot of it… -Break} [thanks trauma splitting /sar -Alexei]

Oooohhhhh…I forgot how I like to type in this font! Not that anyone in my system really appreciates is 🙁 -Anon

[in normal font: oooohhhhh…I forgot how I like to type in this font! Not that anyone in my system really appreciates it 🙁 -Anon] 

reminds me of tying in THIS font…but actually more legible. -anon #2

[normal font: reminds me of typing in THIS font…but actually more legible. -Anon #2]

We don’t really have a point for this post, so we’ll probably just…ramble our after-work thoughts, at least until the edible we took a little bit ago kicks in.

I wish we could cut back our hours at work. Currently, we seem to have our work week set up as best as we’ll be able to for now, with 4-5 hour shifts, 4-5 days a week. I miss having an extra day or two off…but the longer shifts absolutely wreck us physically and mentally. I wish we could get by with even a day or two less…but at least until we get some of our finances back on track after some of the unexpected hits they took, that just doesn’t seem feasible.

Bleh. I know why we left our old job, and I know that none of us EVER want to go back to it. But I do miss working only 1-2 days a week. I miss having time to catch up and get ahead on chores. I miss having time and energy to socialize more. I miss having the freedom to plan appointments and social events with little to no heads-up. I miss being able to sleep when we needed to, and not instead be caught in seemingly perpetual catch-up mode on that. I miss being paid 2-3x more than what we make now.

None of that is worth what we went through with that job. But I don’t think it should be wrong to express the fact that there were factors we really miss with it.



Our partner system is very, very nice (they just had their first break at work and were messaging us :3) And even though the conversations weren’t anything deep, it was nice and relaxing to being talking to them. I think the edible has also definitely hit by now, because we can hardly follow a train of thought long enough to type it. So, we’re going to try switching over to some PC Stardew (because somebody behind me *really* wants to play “their” new Meadowlands farm).
-misc. Triforce System

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