Respecting Our Ability to Know Multiple Perspectives

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One thing that I’m excited about right now is that the more we remember, the more therapy work that we do, and the more distinct and less blurry/dissociated we become, the easier it is for me to remember how to write. 

I say “me” specifically, because we have been noticing more and more that each subsystem who has an interest in writing needs to be allowed to plot their own story.

It means that things will move forward a lot more slowly, but I don’t mind. Once we catch up to ourselves it won’t be slow anymore.

Having multiple novels going at once makes finding energy much easier. We don’t have to grapple with shifting around the fronting situation of the entire system every time that we want to write. Four of my headmates and myself have all started working on our own stories and, though we do ask for help from our system with various characters, it means that whoever is nearest front can dive in immediately.

It also feels like all of our voices matter. From my perspective, for example, it’s a relief to be able to write honestly how I felt about being abused without having Lothair’s “everybody is capable of change and should be treated accordingly so they have the best chance of growth” smothering my voice. Some people just don’t want to change. And, in my opinion, it is much crueler to stick around those people rather than leaving them so they can find their own way of existing.

It feels good to exist. And it feels good to have a voice again.



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26 days ago


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