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I don’t know if we’ll continue this here, but we currently don’t have any other writing platforms, and this new story idea is clawing itself out of our brain one way or another, so I want to have it somewhere where we can see it, in order so we can take it and nurture it and let it grow into something wonderful.


“Fly away with me, to the stars,” he said to me that fateful night. “Fly away with me, and escape this life here.”

I remember looking at him incredulously. I might have even scoffed at his optimism. I leaned heavily on the banister, the only thing separating the two of us from a very long fall and a very sudden stop. When he continued to look back at me, unperturbed by my cynicism, I let out a heavy sigh. “Look, Peter…even if we could escape our lives here…where would we go?”

“I already told you, silly. We’ll go to the stars.” As he answered me, he grabbed my hand and pointed up towards the constellation Cygnus, the swan. “That’s your favorite constellation, right? We can go there first. And then we can sail our way through the entire sea of stars out there!”

I shifted my hand in his, so that our fingers were interlaced, and then leaned down to adjust my telescope to get a better view of the stars he brought up. They were beautiful. They were home.

I always had told myself that when I turned eighteen, I would get myself a boat and travel the world via water. I had taught myself how to find my bearings by simply looking up at the sky early on, back when my parents had been heavily pushing me into outdoor survival skills. I think they wanted me to use the skills on family camping trips, but there was no way in hell I would spend any of my free time willingly with those people now.

“And how do you propose we get ourselves up into the sky? Last I checked, neither of us have wings.”

I was very curious what sort of answer my boyfriend was going to give me. I had always seen him as a fanciful force of nature, and the months of dating hadn’t changed that in the slightest. He could be the most realistically minded one minute, and then in the next be off in a world of possibilities, free from the restrictions our world had in place.

“Well, James, we might not have wings, but she does!” He pulled out a large glass jar from the messenger bag he had slung across his body. The jar likely had originally been gotten filled with an obscene amount of pickles, because it looked exactly like the others Peter had collected over the last year.

I noticed a glow from within at the same time as I saw the air holes punched into the lid.

At first, I believed that he had simply caught a few lightning bugs, but as he held the jar out towards me, I saw that there was only one creature within the jar, and far larger than a lightning bug.

I found myself looking at a small feminine figure within the jar, no bigger than my hand. She seemed quite upset by her current predicament, and was unafraid to show such to Peter and myself, by making crude gestures towards Peter and pleadingly looking towards me as she flew up to the jar’s lid.

That is when I saw her wings. They were sheer and holographic, and looking at them reminded me of looking through ornately etched glass. “What is this?” I asked, my eyes meeting Peter’s. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“She’s a pixie,” he responded, a grin spreading across his face. “And she’s how we’re going to get the last thing we need to fly.”


The alter who wrote this doesn’t want to share who they are, but they’re really excited to get to write more of this!!

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