I Had a Bad Experience with a Therapist, How Do I Get Back Into Therapy?

Having a therapist betray your trust in such a vulnerable situation is a really awful thing. If this has happened to you, I am sorry. It’s very important, however, to not allow this to shut you off from professional help as a whole or to associate what one therapist did with what all therapists will be like.

It’s okay if it takes a long time for you to open up to a new therapist, and it’s okay if it takes a long time for you to trust them. When you begin working together, you can tell them (if you’re comfortable) that you’ve had a bad therapist/client relationship before that’s caused you to mistrust therapists and that it may take some extra time to open up and trust them. Any good therapist will be understanding and respectful of that. Give yourself time to heal, but don’t give yourself so much time that you allow that to turn into fear of returning to the work. Do virtual sessions if those are easier for you, and give yourself time – just don’t let one bad therapist take away from you a massively valuable resource in your healing journey.