A Quick Who’s Who

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So, how many personalities are in the T-E-C System? Only Forest Wanderer knows for sure. There really aren’t a lot of us, as there have been integrations/fusions over the years. There are three main “teams”, each of which is represented in our ruling council.

Team Saoirse – The Hosts with the Most

Obviously the best. It’s really only me and Janet. We actually aren’t that different, and are co-conscious to some extent a fair bit of the time these days. The more stressors, the worse our mental/physical health, the more the walls between us go up, and the more amnesia between us. You’ve read my drivel all over the place, and I’m sure Janet will post a lot more too. We are the main ones that deal with day to day life in the outside world. I currently hold our team’s seat on the council.

Team Sharon – The Littles and Middle.

Sharon is basically the system Mom, even though she’s only a teen. I’m sure she’ll come around and introduce herself at some point, so I won’t steal too much of her thunder. She looks after the “littles”, or child alters, in the system. There are three kids all together, plus Sharon. She’s the council member that represents them and their needs. She also comes out at times when we’re seriously in pain, which I’m fine with.

Team Wanderer – The Weird Shit

Forest Wanderer has the greatest communication with others in the system, and kind of keeps the trains running in the inner world, but rarely comes out front unless things are really, really fucked up.

Along with FW there is Watcher, who basically video tapes everything that happens. Only FW has access to all the tapes. Yes, for all our being high tech, apparently our memory storage in the inner world is a huge room of video tapes, a TV, and a VCR. Not even DVD. I don’t have access to it, or it would run Linux.

FW also looks after anyone who goes dormant, like Janet almost did for a few months recently. Basically, if you’re pulling a Snow White deep sleep, FW looks after you. Who/what all is back there snoozing in the cave system? Yeah, I don’t know.

Oh, weird shit? FW is an ageless forest spirit, and Watcher is, well, a function, not a fully fleshed out personality. I’m sure it made sense to a young child running away inside their head.

And that, ladies and gents, is The Electric Circus. I leave you with our theme song, circa 1986…


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