A Word to Our Abusers

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

Two of our abusers are still alive. One is not. They might end up here, reading this site. (Hopefully not the dead one.) This is for them, and for us.

We forgive you. We forgave you years ago.

That doesn’t mean we want to be friends or start up communication with you. That doesn’t make it all OK. We’re just (mostly) done hauling that hatred around.

We also recognize that you may not view certain interactions as having been abusive or toxic. It really doesn’t matter. What matters are that events were simply too much for a young child’s mind to process at the time.

There is no one person, no one event, that is the cause for us developing D.I.D. Its the cumulative effect of years of crap from multiple sources. Part of it has to do with extreme gender dysphoria, which is no one’s fault. Part of it has to do with life at home. Part of it is a curve ball from outside of our household. Being chronically ill as a kid didn’t help much either. So we can’t point our fingers at one person and say, “Its all your fault we’re this way!” None of you have, or ever had, that kind of power over us.

D.I.D. is how we learned to cope when it was just all too much, and frankly, we’re pretty damn impressed we aren’t more messed up than we are.

#did #abuse #forgiveness

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