Get Ready to Ramble! God, etc.

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God is a bit of a charged topic around some in the T-E-C system, but since Saoirse brought it up already, and because I was face to face with it today, I thought I’d say my piece.

Today I prayed internally very, very hard for a friend of mine who went into the hospital tonight. I agree with Saoirse that prayer can be powerful, but also disagree with Saoirse because I do believe there is a Divine Force in the universe.

Now, being created in God’s image, I’m pretty sure God has DID! No really, I see every God, every Goddess, as a part of the same “whole”, yet separate in their own right. I believe in Divinity. I also believe the Divine is as crazy as I am, if not more so. 😉 So yes, I believe Jesus is real (and Set, and Bast, and Kali, and so on). I can totally see how aspects of the Divine could overlap, split apart, or fuse together over time, just like in DID. No one aspect is “all powerful, all knowing, etc.” in and of itself. Combine all the pieces together, well, you might be a lot closer to that.

This is why I oscillate between being polytheistic and monotheistic. Do I believe in Bast? Yes! I believe in Sharon too, but I also know that at its core, all of T-E-C shares one body and one brain. Likewise, I think the Divine is both one and many at the same time.

So, if DID is a trauma disorder, why is God/dess traumatized? Creation is traumatic! Just as I believe in every God and Goddess, I believe there is a spark of the Divine in every living thing. A bigger spark in a human than a single-celled organism, by all means, but still… thou art God, thou art Goddess. Every human is part of the one that is many. Just as there is a difference between a single-celled organism and a human, there is a difference between a human and God/dess. I’m not not saying all things are created equal. I am saying that if we wish to “heal” God/dess, we have to heal not only ourselves, but every other living thing as well, because at the very base of Reality its the same stuff.

Now, we can’t take on the world’s healing at once – that’s a job for God/dess. But we can try to live, grow, and interact in a healthy way, yes? We can recognize that at their core, that other person who is suffering is made of the same stuff that we are. What we do to heal them, can help heal us, and certainly helps heal the Divine.

Sometimes those of us in T-E-C don’t agree with each other. Sometimes, I think, aspects of God/dess don’t agree either. Yes, God can be on both sides of a conflict. Yes, God was with the Nazis as well as the Jews. Not the same part, obviously.

That does bring us to the whole Good vs. Evil debate though. My answer is two-fold. One, what is Good and Evil is often a matter of perspective, and two, I don’t think God/dess is “all Good”… I believe the one God/dess is simply ALL. So, bone cancer in children? God is “mentally ill”, God doesn’t always agree with God, and God is not simply “all kind, all beneficent”. God/dess can be cruel. That’s how I answer the Stephen Fry questions. 😉

As above, so below. I also believe the way the smaller sparks treat each other impacts how the larger sparks act (same stuff). If we want a better world, then we each have to fill it with random acts of kindness ourselves, and sometimes be the Good we wish to see in the world. Only then can God/dess heal. Only then can we all.

Discuss. This isn’t a fully formed, air tight belief. It’s a midnight ramble from an exhausted mind. I’m also a little stoned on the new prescription. 🙂

P.S. Just because I believe in all Gods and Goddesses, doesn’t mean I worship them all. I believe you exist too, dear reader, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be presenting you with burnt offerings…. unless I’m cooking. 😉


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