Health Update

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In short, I’m kind of fucked. I’ve been diagnosed with severe COPD, and WHO Group 3 Pulmonary Hypertension. The five year survival rate for Group 3 PH is too depressing to post, but let’s just say its worse than normal PH, which wasn’t all that wonderful to begin with.

The good news (?) is that my heart is still normal – no sign of right side heart failure or other complications there. Of course, part of that is because of how rapidly I’ve gotten worse, my heart hasn’t had time to get really unhappy. So, um, yay?

OK, depressing shit out of the way, I’m not giving up. And the new COPD meds seem to be helping. So hey, short term at least, things are looking up – it feels less like I’m always trying to breath through a straw. This is a happy thing.

In other news, I may have to give up on Latuda, the new bipolar med I switched to a few weeks ago. I’ll probably know more on that front in a few days. Which means I may have to switch meds again, which means, dear reader, you may not see much of me for a few weeks. Or maybe you’ll see a lot of me. Who knows.

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