It’s Not All Unicorns & Rainbows

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

My apologies if this comes out a bit disjointed…. I’m a bit disjointed. OK. more than a bit, even.

According to Janet’s post, everything is going great… and I guess for her, she’s having a good time playing WoW. A lot of WoW. So much WoW we haven’t gotten enough sleep many nights. Biggest positive trigger for Janet? You guessed it. World of Warcraft.

The rest of the system is all over the map. We haven’t had a shower or changed clothes in over a week. Per my deal with Sharon, we’re going to go take a shower here shortly. Sharon & I kind of had a WoW intervention – we’re actively holding Janet back tonight so other stuff can be accomplished. THAT is not going over well.

Yup. We can block someone from coming out, even if they want to. It takes a lot of grounding, energy, and the use of triggers to fight it. Also, by myself, I might not be able to pull it off… but with another council member, yeah, access denied.

The only problem with that is the driver’s seat of the body-car is a little over crowded right now. Janet wants to drive. Currently I’m driving, and Sharon is basically right up front too. Gee, co-consciousness is supposed to be a good thing, right? Sometimes its a royal headache and a pain in the ass. Its like there are six hands on the wheel, four turning left and two trying to turn right.

And that, as they say, is the Rest of the Story. Shower time.

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