Wow, June went by fast…

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Two things happened in June – a return to working full time (yay) and the release of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic (double yay). Saoirse is happy to be back at work, and I’m happy to be back in WoW land. Basically every moment of free time the past few weeks has gone towards WoW. Nairial (my character) is pretty geared up at this point, and some of the WoW fever is starting to pass. We might actually accomplish something other than WoW this holiday weekend, although so far that’s been sleep.

My hotdogs are here (hey, its 4th of July, of course I doordashed a couple of dogs), so I’m going to sign back out. Just wanted to give a note that says everything is OK in T-E-C land.

#work #wow

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