Election Update…

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We haven’t figured out how to have anonymous T-E-C elections, so its a matter of system record who votes which way. That just increases the wheeling and dealing. 🙂 One of the interesting wrinkles this time is it looks like I could possibly become Chairperson. The Chairperson of the council is selected by the council, and has usually been Wanderer.

The Chairperson casts the deciding vote if the 3 member council can’t come to an agreement. When none of us can agree on something, it’s the Chairperson who gets their way. In practice, this doesn’t happen very often – usually at least 2 council members can come to an agreement. But it can happen.

It all sounds very complicated, I know. It is. XD

It’s an interesting quirk that it can be very hard to unseat a Chairperson. If each council member votes for themselves, the tie break goes to the current Chairperson, who then votes for themselves. That’s actually how it usually goes down. This time Saoirse has offered to vote for me for Chair, if I support Saoirse in Team #1’s runoff between Saoirse and Janet.

Ye Gads, Saoirse voting for me?! That’s… unexpected. (Understatement.) Of course, me publicly supporting Saoirse would also be like … words fail me. Y’all have to understand, Saoirse and I have historically butted heads, Us making an agreement like this would be groundbreaking.

And yeah, I’m dissociating while making this post, as we discuss and debate internally. I actually began this post 3 hours ago. Time flies. It’s time for a little breakfast and a nap.

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