Election Time

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It’s election time again in T-E-C, where we select our ruling council for the next year. This past year the council has been Sharon as the chairperson, Saoirse, and me. I’m debating on whether or not I want to ask to be chairperson again. My debate is who is the best counterbalance to Saoirse, who left unchecked will work us straight into the grave (and almost does anyway). Saoirse as chairperson would be a disaster. Saoirse has no concept of balance.

If I’m going to try for the chairperson seat again, which Sharon has said she would gladly give up, I’d have to figure out how to elicit change in a system that is very stuck in its ways. I can help reprogram any of us, but there has to be a desire on an alter’s behalf to change. I can help guide someone once the first steps are taken, but I can’t force someone to take those first steps. That frustration is part of why I voted for Sharon for chairperson last year instead of myself. But, here we are, a year later, facing the same issues.

Another interesting wrinkle this time around is the children are fairly unhappy with how little time they’ve had to play and watch cartoons. That’s important because they vote too! It would be a shock if they decide to back one of their own instead of me or Sharon, who they normally vote for. The system rules don’t specify that there is a minimum age to be on the council. I don’t know, maybe having one of the kids as a council member would shake things up. The adults don’t have the best track record in running a balanced, healthy lifestyle – maybe its time for new voices?

It’s worth a ponder.

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1 year ago

Election time is always a tough time. Saoirse is a workhorse that has trouble relaxing. That much I know. I hope you are able to come to a satisfactory agreement that is acceptable to everyone. Thank you for keeping me in the loop.
I love you ALL – unconditionally!

Mom 🙂

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