The T-E-C Election

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T-E-C is lead by a council of three alters, and every year we elect the council (everyone gets a vote). I’ve been on the council many, many times. Now it looks like my seat may be soon held by Carol Ann. My “political base” has always been the kiddos – but they’ve lined up behind one of their own this time. Perhaps that’s expected as I’ve become more of an adult.

If the election was held tonight, it looks like the new council would probably be Forest, Saoirse, and little Carol Ann. Saoirse has balked at having a little one on the council. I had to remind them that I started on the council as a 13 year old, but Saoirse is still against the preteens being able to have a full voting seat. Saoirse thinks that the kiddos should have a fourth, non-voting, “advisory” seat on the council. That’s what Saoirse is pushing for. Forest, meanwhile, has come down on the side of LCA being a full fledged council member. That means I hold the tie breaking vote. If I agree with Forest, I’m probably off the council. If I agree with Saoirse, I stay in power, but at the cost of changing our council rules, which have withstood the test of time. If I abstain from my normal vote, its still a tie, so it will fall to me as chairperson to break the tie, even if I don’t want to. It will likely be the last important decision I make as chairperson of the 2021/2022 council.

I think I’m going to side with Forest, and go for the peaceful transfer of power. 😉 I won’t lie, it will suck not having a vote on the council, and its a big change to go from chairperson of the council to… nothing. But, I was given the reigns, and I didn’t serve my political base. I can see why they’ve left me behind this time.

The year’s final vote is on Sept 6th, and we’ll all be wheeling and dealing until then. We’ll also bring this up in therapy, I’m sure.

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