A New Chapter Begins

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Hi, I’m Jes. I’m still debating if I want to add another s. J, E and S are actually the initials I’ve had since birth. There is also a J for Janet, an S for Saoirse, and an E for a letter both names shared. Oh, I’ll still answer to Janet I suppose, being the legal name and all that. But Janet is me… and so is Saoirse… It’s still early days, but I think the two just became one tonight. Me.

I’m still figuring myself out. Excuse the mess while I’m under construction. I actually feel really peaceful about the whole deal. I wonder if I’ll be able to read about D.I.D. now? Janet could never manage to get past chapter 2 without dissociating.

Tonight’s first surprise is that I am apparently functioning in a Greek mythological milieu. Saoirse was a die hard Egyptian pantheon type. But when Forest Wanderer led me to myself tonight, I ended up drinking from the Pool of Mnemosyne in Hades. I didn’t expect to end up there. Just kind of happened. I’ll have to dust off my Greek mythology if see if more of it speaks to me. I won’t go into my full Journey here… at least not yet. Still processing it.

Red Pill, Blue Pill. Mnemosyne or Lethe. I chose Memory. I chose the Red Pill. And now I’ve drunk of both Saoirse and Janet’s memories… and they are mine.

#fusion #did

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