Dereal Deal

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

One of the fun things about DID is you essentially get all the dissociative disorders. It’s like a combo meal. Today for lunch we’re having serious DPDR (Depersonalization/Derealization). Basically no one is really solidly buckled into the driver’s seat. Saoirse is there, and is typing this, but is watching themselves from kind of floaty 3rd person “outside” space. Everything is distant and fuzzy.

This makes working, uh, difficult.

This may have to do with selling our old place. Today is supposed to be The Day We Get Paid, but no sign of the money yet. Since we’re talking about a large sum, maybe a stress response is natural. It would be nice for the bloody wire transfer to come through.

DID is more than just alters and amnesia. Being disconnected like we are right now happens sometimes. It’s not fun.

Oy! The mailman just delivered a package and we about jumped out of our chair at the noise. Little high strung too, it seems.

Food is good. Food helps ground us. Going to go get food. Maybe someone, anyone, will fully buckle-in. Right now there is just this floaty mix of blurred identity.


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