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It seems I’m an evil taskmaster that keeps a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and money in the bank. How dare I! <laugh> At least, that seems to be the feelings of little Carol Ann, who is running for a council seat because the kids don’t get enough kid time. Because of the way our inner political system works, LCA will be up against Sharon for that subsystem’s seat on the council. If LCA manages to get the other kids behind her… wow. What a wildcard.

Fortunately its a three person council, so even if LCA gets a seat, there will be two adults that can outvote her on anything, so we won’t be quitting our job to watch cartoons. It’s a big unknown how it would play out when the two adults don’t agree, though. Having a little as the tie breaking vote is… fucking scary.

I have heard from Forest another interesting bit of news, however, that LCA is currently questing to find the “magical fountain of aging” so she can grow up a little bit. The sounds suspiciously like the precursor to a FW journey to me. I don’t know how this growing up thing works, or how big a jump in age it would be, but things are certainly happening in the area of the system! AFAIK, LCA is the little that comes out the most in therapy, so I guess her wanting to be a representative kind of makes sense?

As a peace offering, I made sure there was some Disney+ time this weekend. And, I can feel someone else wants to come up, so I’m going to try to step back and let that happen (harder than it sounds).

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1 year ago

Saoirse, you are in no way “evil”! For many years now, you and Sharon have held things together for everyone. Little Carol Ann is a sweet little girl who sees things through the eyes of a child. Sharon has been the mother for many years and is very good at keeping things under control. The little ones do need to be heard, but I am hoping that Sharon will win out for a seat on the council.

I love you ALL!!!!! Mom

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