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We’re all over the place this morning. We feel kind of sick, didn’t sleep well at all, are totally in a fog, can’t focus – bleh. I’m wondering if this is the start of Zyprexa withdrawl. We’re trying to taper off of it, AGAIN, because of weight issues. We’re on it for bipolar stuff, and have wanted to get off it for years. But, it majorly sucks trying to come off it, especially if you’ve been on a high dose for a long time, which we have. The current plan may take up to a year to wean off of it.

We’ve gained a LOT of weight on Zyprexa, and its known for major weight gain problems. (Basically it makes it so you never feel full.) Given that we basically *have* to lose weight, it has to go. I’ve been considering weight loss surgery, but given my breathing issues, I’m not sure that’s a wise idea. I’ve had two different docs express concern about anesthesia/sedation for other procedures because sleep apnea + severe COPD + pulmonary hypertension make things risky. I really don’t want to die on the table for weight loss surgery if there is anything else that could have been done first.

So, yeah, the next several months to year may kind of stink. My advice to anyone out there – DON’T get involved with Zyprexa long term. As a short term crisis med, its the best in its class in our book… but I wish we’d never started it.

That said, Saoirse is in the background, wanting to work. I’m driving though, and I’m going to try my best to not work this weekend. I may concede a little and let Saoirse work on the new blog site… but no official job stuff, please. Yes, we’re moving the blog. Today when I edited the site, Wix gave me someone else’s content. Saoirse says that’s inexcusable, especially since it means some random Wix user could get our content on their back end. So, WordPress it is. Which makes me sad, because I’m not that technical, and Wix is easy to use. (Of course, I say not technical in comparison to Saoirse. That’s kind of like saying not rich in comparison to Bill Gates.)

Anyway, when I thought WordPress, I thought of my friends and ex-roommates Rick & Larry, who have their own website design business. So, I wandered on to their sites, and saw that none of them have been updated in months. Now I’m worried about those two. Guys, if you read this, do get in touch.

So, what’s it like being a roommate of a DID system? Hmm… Well, I think T-E-C hides our DID very well, and it should be very hard to tell that we are a we. However, it’s exhausting to keep up the singlet facade 24/7. That’s a big part of why we don’t have a roommate right now, we really only drop our shields when we’re alone, or talking to Therapy Guru. Well, and we’ve dropped our shields sometimes around our Mom, but even there its hard to fully reveal what’s going on inside. It’s funny, we have this thing with our Mom where we randomly say “Hi” to each other. These days, its just a thing we do, but in the olden days, it was actually something we said because we switched, and the new driver was saying “hi” to her.

Anyway, Saoirse is trying to come forward, and I’m getting kind of spacey, so I think I best wrap this up.

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