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It’s been about a month since we last posted, so it’s update time.

This past month, Saoirse decided to spend about two weeks burning the candle at about five ends. 😉 We were getting an average of 1 – 3 hours of sleep a night for a bit. Saoirse worked more than one 20 hour day. That’s the kind of thing that would usually make us throw in the towel and go back up on Zyprexa. I’ve been reading that withdrawals can last up to three months, though, and one of the things that can happen is manic episodes. So, we decided to soldier through. Thankfully, we’ve evened back out this past week. We’re determined to get off Zyprexa if at all possible.

Saoirse is grumbly that I’ve put my foot down and said today is a no work day. We’re a little co-conscious right now, although Saoirse is kind of sulking in a back seat. (We had a disagreement about having a day of rest, and I had to pull out my Chairperson of the Ruling Council stick.) Part of the grumble is that I was active for part of the work week, and didn’t do much but surf the net. But considering the recent 20 hour work days, I figure an afternoon or two of web surfing is only fair.

So what have I been surfing? Coins! Saoirse unleashed a lion when deciding to invest ~$5000 in gold and silver bullion a while back. It was initially meant just to be an investment… but you see, growing up we were pretty avid coin collectors….

One of the things Saoirse bought was ten U.S. silver eagles of random years. The silver eagle bullion coin was first released in 1986 – in the height of our original coin collecting interest, and some of us decided we NEEDED to complete our uncirculated set. The hunting, gathering, and ebaying beast within woke up! Rawr.

Now we have a full set of 1986 – 2022 uncirculated silver eagles. Getting them was so much fun, we decided to expand into collecting all U.S. dollars. Of course, the really old ones are out of reach, but many of them are in our price range. I convinced Saoirse that if we need money, we can flip them back on ebay. Saoirse agreed they’re probably just as good a place to stick funds as a brokerage account that’s down over 25% this year, so viola, we’re into the coin collecting business again. Wee!

We’re also old. We bought an up to date Red Book (the coin collecting bible) but can’t read the small print. Either we need reading glasses, or we need the large print version. The large print version arrives tomorrow.

So, to recap, Saoirse is still a workaholic. I’m having a ton of fun coin collecting and surfing coins. I should probably also mention we haven’t been in an ER in the last month. (Hooray!) Other than that, its largely the same ‘ol same ‘ol.

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1 year ago

Hello to T-E-C family!!!

Very interesting blog this time. I knew that Coin Collecting was back, but had not realized how much Fun you were having with it! Good for You! Yes, Saoirse is a workaholic. But, that seems to be a pretty good way to get through manic episodes. And, Saoirse has been doing that for years. But, I am also glad that Sharon is telling her to rest and have some fun. All in all, I really enjoyed reading the blog!

Love and Hugs to All,

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