Council decisions, with a bit of commentary

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  • Carol Ann will be allowed to gain a full voting seat on the council if she gets elected, however she will have Sharon as an “advisor” for more adult things. This has taken a bit to work out, but seems the best path forward. Passed 3/3.
  • We will not be buying a house right now. The deciding factor was our stepdad’s comment that we’d be using up our financial cushion to come up with a down payment. Given our health, and that things do go wrong (as evidenced by the backhoe digging up the front yard today to fix a water leak), it’s been decided that we need a larger cushion before we buy. Passed 3/3.
  • Since we’re not scraping every penny to make a down payment, we had money to make another purchase, a wheelchair that will fit and hold us. This is actually the most debated topic of the 3, because Saoirse doesn’t like “showing weakness”, and is already super embarrassed that we use a walker sometimes. Passed 2/3 – Saoirse was outvoted.

This is Sharon – I get that Saoirse doesn’t approve of the wheelchair, but there are reasons for getting it. a) Our walker seat isn’t rated to hold our weight, while the new chair is, with over 100+ pounds to spare. b) Because of breathing issues, back issues, and whatnot, its like 1000% easier to roll around the house in a desk chair than to stand up and walk. c) We keep getting our oxygen tubing tangled up in the office chair’s wheels, which is annoying d) when our oxygen dives, we get dizzy, and have stumbled a few times recently e) we have to get more active, even if its just rolling around the house every hour or two. f) someone can assist us in moving around by helping push the chair – the walker doesn’t allow for that.

To Saoirse’s credit, the new chair is probably too heavy to pop in and out of the Jeep easily, so for the time being it won’t be going to the doctor’s office. If, however, we become proficient in using it (we want to get to the point we can roll a few houses down the block and back), we’ll have to look for options for vehicular transport… but those can be expensive, so, first we see if we use it. If nothing else it will replace an office chair that isn’t made to hold our weight. Of course, supply chains being what they are, it will take 6 – 8 weeks to arrive.

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