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Our mother used to think that we might be autistic because we used to scream and cry whenever she tried to pet us as a baby and small child. She never gave up tho so eventually we resigned but to this day we just really dislike touch from almost everybody.

So recently a friend suggested to us to do the raads-r autism test online and we scored 196 points (65 and above are a signe for autism) so we decided to write down all the things we struggle with or don’t understand in relationship or interactions with people, also all about our sensory problems. So now we have a list of 36 things that could relate to autism.

Long story made short: we’ll talk to a friend tomorrow who knows where you can be assessed for autism and we’ll go there as soon as we can to be assessed for autism.

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1 year ago

Good luck with the assessment process, I hope you can all get some answers and that this could open the door to access more support if you need/want it 🙂

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