Idek if I had a point with this

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So…Ty has been trying to talk more to the other groups of alters in my head.

The group I’m apparently part of isn’t the one “in control” of the life most often. Ty’s currently trying to work with these other areas to see if we would be able to get a bigger role in the life of our body as a whole

It’s weird, tho

I feel like I’m pretty aware of what’s going on day-to-day.

But I got a massive reality check on /that/ one yesterday

I’ve been under the impression that we live alone. But nope. We have a roomie. Who is around basically every day.

Wtf? How tf did I stay unaware of this person’s existence???

Ty says it’s bc I really only front when our system is alone (“probably trauma reasons” he says)

Apparently Kyrenoc knows our roommate best out of the small group of people who are talking to me specifically.

Idk what to do if I front around this person again tho

Idk if they know about “us”

Idek what sort of dynamic we have with this person

Ty doesn’t seem too concerned, so maybe I don’t have to stress…but I still feel like everything about this whole thing IS stress

My head is getting all floaty tho, so I’m gonna end this rant here and go sleep a bit


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23 days ago

Oof, that sounds incredibly distressing (thinking you live alone and you don’t)! Are you doing alright? Even though our system has known our wife/partner-system for most of our life, there’s still times in one or both systems where someone will front and not have much knowledge about the other system, or our surroundings…and it’s pretty jarring, at least when it’s happened with us.
It sounds like you don’t really know this person y’all are living with at all…maybe you can talk to someone with more system-knowledge and find out how long you guys have known them, how you met, what sort of things you have shared with each other? Maybe even writing notes for yourself (if it’s safe to do so), so if you or others with less knowledge like you front, there’s a place to go for more information?

Honestly, that might be super helpful in general, too. Idk if you’ve seen the blog posts from a bit ago about using Simply Plural and Plural Kit, but especially the former might help y’all just have a place to get more familiar with your alters, and write notes to each other

Simply Plural – Getting Started:
Simply Plural – Fronters, and Plural Kit Integration:
Simply Plural – Communication Tools:

Reply to  Possum
22 days ago

We lived with notebooks and binders for decades, but phones and laptops are even better. These days no one thinks twice if you spend time on your phone, so leaving messages for yourselves there is pretty sweet. 😉

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Reply to  Les_fractals_de_la_neige
22 days ago

Unfortunately, the author of the brilliant simply plural guide decided to delete their account and all their posts. It’s gone. 🙁

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