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Bless us, internet, for it’s been almost two months since our last confession… or blog post.

We’ve been stressed out.  Which Saoirse likes to handle by working extra hard because she’s a workaholic.  So any time we haven’t been too sick or tired to function, Saoirse has been burning the candle at about three ends at Day Job.

(Yeah, we were sick.  And we’re on temporary medication for an infection that makes us super tired.)

Part of the stress goes back to mid-February.  Long story short, our Mom and Step Dad decided it was time to move us out of a storage unit we’d had crap in for like a decade and a half.  We were paying almost $300/mo for it (it was in a prime location, inside, heated, etc), so over a decade that is a shit load of money on crap.  The problem being that for all the crap, there were also Treasures and Important Things mixed in.  But mainly, we hadn’t tackled the storage unit because it was full of memories, and that can be kind of a minefield when you have DID.  Lots of triggers.

The most highly triggering material of all turned out to be the collection of old journals that our Mom found.  (And apparently, at least partially read, as she was like “this should be published”, which is just swell, but those things were meant to be private.)  Anyway, if you want to really have your mind fucked with, try about 11 years of system journals and maps starting almost 25 years ago. Therapy Guru (what we call our therapist) suggested that we just burn the things.  So, one vote for publishing them, one vote for burning them, and a bunch of votes outstanding…

So that’s one thing.

Other things include:

  • Mom and Step Dad getting COVID (which we’re extremely paranoid about getting, as with our respiratory issues, it could easily land us in the hospital or worse). 
  • Finding an odd growth that is probably nothing, but that we’re going to get checked out by a doctor just to make sure it isn’t something neat like cancer.  Dr.’s visit is Friday.
  • Going through psychiatric medication changes every few weeks while tweaking the cocktail.  Part of that is going down on Zyprexa, which we want to do, but it gives us bad withdrawals every time we take a step down. 
  • Oh yeah, we were sick too.
So, apologies to all for not being around much the last couple of months!  We haven’t forgotten about y’all.
— Sharon & crew
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1 year ago

So sorry you have so much going on <3 You know that we're here for you. I really hope you can find the right cocktail soon bc med changes can be so rough, and that health can settle out. Sending love <3

1 year ago

One of those times it doesn’t feel quite right to “like,” but I feel for you and hope the storms soon pass!

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