Returning to Life… Returning to Work

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I ended up taking a leave of absence from work three weeks ago. I just got the paperwork signed by my psychiatrist to return to work on Friday. Long live the Family Medical Leave Act! But, overall, things are a bit better than they were. Medications have been tweaked, and our brain chemistry is in a better place. I still have a fair bit of anxiety, but it’s more at an “I’m used to it” level instead of “Oh God, AAAAAHHHHRR.”

I haven’t been as active on the cafe and wiki sites as I would like, but then *I* haven’t been active as much as I would like. 😉 I’ve also had to cut back on reading braiDID’s Patreon discord, proving to myself that I don’t want to run my own. Don’t get me wrong, the folks on braiDID’s discord are great! It’s still my favorite chat server, but I’m learning that I can consume only so much DID-related stuff at a time and stay in a good headspace. Don’t worry; the dissociative sites are still close to my heart and will continue – I just can’t spend all my free time on them. There has to be more to life than trauma and dissociation.

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1 year ago

Proud of you for taking your health seriously and taking the time to adjust and get things sorted and I hope you can return to work in a smooth and grounded way and it’s energizing rather than overwhelming <3

1 year ago

Obviously, we changed our minds about the Discord thing. lol

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