OK, Once In A Great While DID Can Be Funny

I was having a grumpy Saoirse day. A hard drive in our NAS failed, so I went to Amazon to order a new one. However, what awaited me was unexpected. “I” left off WHERE?!?! I broke out in laughter at the WTFness of the moment.

But wait, IT GETS BETTER! Someone actually ordered the pink Kirby hat – according to Order History, it will be here tomorrow.

This struck me as being entirely too funny. Maybe you had to be there. But this is the entertaining part of amnesia. Sometimes you find “you” went shopping for cat hats from Japan. I suspect this must have been Sharon, who often accuses me of not knowing how to have fun.

And that’s what life with DID is like sometimes, folks. Some days you get flashbacks. Some days you apparently get Japanese headwear for cats. 😀

#did #lol

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