Our Cat Died

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Our cat Ellie died yesterday afternoon.  It was sudden, quick, and unexpected.  One moment, she was climbing about in our lap; the next, she slid onto the floor and wasn’t moving.  She let out one sound while on the floor, and then she was gone.  It all happened in the space of minutes.  

We live by ourselves.  We have no children.  We have no other pets.  Ellie was our constant companion.  She was old, in her teenage years – it’s some comfort that it was so quick, and she couldn’t have suffered long. But there is now an emptiness here that will be hard to fill.

We took yesterday afternoon and today off work.  We’re holding it together, but only just… Our apologies, but any packages we’ll be sending out will likely be delayed by a few days.  

If you have a loved one, whether it be a pet or a human, give them an extra hug for Ellie’s sake today.  You never know when your last moment together will be.

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6 months ago


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