The Spell Has Been Broken

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Our cat Ellie dying was a shock to the system, but one we needed. Saoirse has been in survival mode for about two months, doing almost nothing but working and sleeping. There was so much work related anxiety, we totally missed it as important dates flew by. The death brought life back into perspective.

I miss Ellie a lot, but it was a gift to break us out of the trauma-fueled “work 12+ hours a day, every day” cycle.  No work has been done since she died on the 22nd.  That’s the longest pause, by FAR, Saoirse has taken in the last couple of months. I think she’s planning on returning to work tomorrow, but I wrote an email to our boss saying that we might have to take a short leave of absence should this week’s return not go well. (No, I didn’t sign it as me – we’re still undercover about the DID with New Boss Guy.) Saoirse didn’t even get upset about that.

One of the things we missed was T-E-C election time, where we decide on who will be on our ruling council for the next year.  Normally there are a couple of weeks of wheeling and dealing leading up to the vote.  That’s just started today.  Will I regain a council seat this year?  Who knows – it’s too early to say.

Another thing I missed was the Equinox. I didn’t really come forward until yesterday, the day after.  Kind of a bummer, because even though I’m a Generic Pagan, I still like to mark the holidays. I may still do something

In other news, we have a new kitty.  Mr. Strider von Chonk.  He’s a big guy, who is currently hiding out in a closet. Adjusting to a new living situation is hard, but Chonk seems to be slowly warming up to the idea.  Once I can get some good photos of him I’ll post them on Discord.

Finally, I’m playing with the idea of making a Virtual YouTuber account.  I’m not crazy about showing our face all over YouTube, but having a digital avatar for each of us seems like it would be really cool.  Janet is helping me out with that.  So far I have version 1.0 of a virtual me.  It’s especially cool because I don’t look like our physical body in my mind’s eye, and the avatar looks more like how I look in our internal world. If anyone has VTuber experience, let us know!  

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8 months ago

Hello Sharon,

My condolences on the loss of Ellie. However, I really hear you on the topic of the death bringing life into different perspective.

Best of luck with you and your System figuring out the best way to run the show, so to speak. What an interesting process.

Congratulations on the new kitty. I’m sure in time he’ll settle right in and become best buds.

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