Coffee Shop Romance??

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So…as our system is re-starting to be more comfortable and aware of our existing in-system relationships, and as we are starting to become more distinct and “whole” (ik that’s not a good term, but we’re more of a whole entity than we were before, due to fragments integrating…do idk what else to call it, either), there’s been others who want to be in a relationship with another alter…myself being one of them.

Thank any deity who will hear me that polyamory in our system is a widely accepted thing. That eliminates one problem, as the guy I’m interested in has about six other guys wanting to be in a relationship of some facet with him, too.

(And that’s not including the wives and dating partners he has within our partner system… ^^ he’s very adorkable, though, and I obviously believe that these others have superb taste. There’s just a lot…so having the polyamory talk/hurdle out of the way is a relief)

My problem is, instead, the fact that not only is this guy almost completely oblivious to the feelings from his innerworld knights…he also gets embarrassed SUPER easily.

And a “rival” knight of mine was embarrassing him all to hell yesterday. Idk if they were able to be clear enough to get an answer from our mutual love interest, but even so…I don’t want to overwhelm him or anything…especially not rn while we’re at work.

Though, I’m finding that I have a bit of an advantage while I’m here fronting with him on shift today.

He doesn’t know our job very well. Tbh, I wasn’t confident myself on it.

No one expects Emmett Cullen, of all alters, to hold the title of barista extraordinaire…least of all me myself.

It’s been nice being the one to be help this dork make all of the drinks we have today. I can tell that he’s gaining a decent amount of confidence with a couple of the drinks we’ve made a lot today, even

He especially enjoys putting the whipped cream and toppings on the drinks. And, from what I have been able to tell, doing caramel drizzles has been his favorite of all

He’s been getting smiles from some customers who I personally haven’t seen smile before (someone’s telling me that a couple of those do occasionally, but still. This dork has an infectious energy. If he’s happy and bubbly, people tend to be happy and bubbly in kind. It’s so cute to see in action, though)

Maybe after work, I’ll be able to talk to him a bit more. Maybe the “rival” of mine from yesterday will butt in (no hate if he does, tho). Maybe one of the others will (also no hate…but seriously? We need to communicate better)

Currently, it’s really hard not to pull him innerworld and just kiss him, though.

He’s just..




But I guess our break is almost over, so I’d better not. Especially bc I’m pretty sure we’re the only ones in front rn who can handle our job…so I probably shouldn’t cause his brain to spazz out anyway ^^

 But hopefully soon

-=-=-=- Written by: Emmett Cullen, resident himbo and unexpected barista extraordinaire -=-=-=-

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