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Getting off Zyprexa and onto Vraylar has been life-changing. Our mood and ability to think is much better. It also seems Zyprexa can cause a degree of respiratory depression. Without Zyprexa, we’re breathing better! We still have COPD, of course, and still get out of breath quickly, but we haven’t had to wear supplemental oxygen to just sit around the house… and that’s HUGE.

Saoirse is doing well with the return to work. Well, except for being the same workaholic as ever. We had a system intervention to lay down some rules – 12 hours of work a day, no work on the weekends. That’s still a lot, but Saoirse worked a 20-hour day one day recently, which isn’t sustainable. Saoirse’s cheated a bit but has been keeping with the program. There is no pressure from the workplace to work that much; work is just something Saoirse enjoys and finds soothing. We get it. We also get that we need sleep and time for the rest of us!

We’re delighted with how people have been blogging on the site. We’re behind on reading everything, but we try to read every post. The T-E-C blog began three years ago this month, and we have found it therapeutic – we hope the rest of you will also find blogging beneficial.

One thing we have given up reading everything on is Discord – we still enjoy dropping in, but it’s not something we’ve been able to keep up with. (Mainly because Saoirse is working 12 hours a day.) We’re not purposefully ignoring anyone, so please don’t feel bad if we don’t respond; it’s not personal. If you need to contact us, doing so through the website will more likely get our attention.

This post has been brought to you by a co-conscious jumble of Sharon and Janet. Oh, and a little bit of Carol Ann, who wants everyone to know she turned 12 recently. (Yes, child alters can get older.)

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4 months ago

Hooray for successful med changes! We haven’t been on any, but we had a close friend who had to switch her medication with various circumstances and therapists and it sounded like hell. We are so glad that you all are feeling better.

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