Random Shuffle

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One of the biggest “tells” of who in T-E-C is out front is what music we listen to. There is crossover in our tastes, but in general, Saoirse isn’t on a Bjork binge, Sharon isn’t throwing up horns to Dimmu Borgir, etc. We tolerate each other’s music, but each prefers our own. It’s a big hint as to who is driving at any given moment.

Then there are days like today, where we are all over the place, and no one is driving solidly enough for us to decide what to listen to.  We call these “random shuffle” days because that’s exactly what we do – put our entire music collection on random shuffle – because, well, WE’RE on random shuffle.

So yeah, if you happen by and notice the music has gone from Heavy Metal to Trad Celtic to 60s rock to Industrial to New Age to some weird unclassifiable shit in the space of 30 minutes, then yeah, T-E-C is probably having a hard day.

We have a lot to work out tonight and may blog a lot, but… hey, that’s what the site is for, right?

Let the rambles begin…

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3 months ago

I wonder if this is part of what’s happening when we have our music shuffling as well!

…it makes a lot of sense, though!

3 months ago

Oh, we definitely have stuff like this! Possum’s the one that listens to 2000s “alt/emo” music (idk what the actual genres are…but like FoB, Sleeping with Sirens, MCR, and p!atd). And Ty listens to a bunch of classic rock. And then Ø listens to more “electronic” music!
Idek what music I listen to tho

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