My Best Friend

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I hope that we are able to regain more memories of partner system soon.

It’s frustrating, because so much of the time that we spent together was when abusers were nearby. So it’s hard to get those memories back, at least in a clear/whole state.

We’ve remembered a lot of things together that are special to us. Like when we used to play the board game Life together, we would have one car and “marry” each other and just play the game as a fun story together. I know we used to bring our stories for them to read. And we would talk about science experiments and such and how they worked (they were/are really smart and we are older than them.)

It’s amazing being married to somebody we know and trust so well. But it’s frustrating to know that we have an even stronger connection that will take time to remember.

I wonder if privately journalling about some of our together memories will help strengthen them. 

I guess this is a thing to add to the list of “questions for our therapist”.

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1 month ago

I’m so glad you’re with someone who makes you feel so safe and happy. <3 I just wanted to say we know how you feel. There are a lot of good memories that are blocked from us for one reason or another, either pertaining to our husband or just happy childhood memories. Our therapist always tells us that the memories aren't gone and that eventually they will come back over time as we process trauma and heal, which brings us comfort. I hope me saying that can bring you some comfort.

Also, the memory you described of y'all playing Life together is so adorable.

Sending you healing vibes ~~ <3

1 month ago

I remember being one of the ones y’all talked to about science stuff!!! Probably a large part of why I ended up liking Mythbusters and such shows so much!!! ^.^
Ik you guys were always so patient with explaining things to us when we had questions and/or were confused about different things <3
And idk who in here was playing Life with y'all, but I know they've enjoyed playing life with y'all again now that we're older (both the game, and just…existing in life together <3)

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