Today is a good day

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Today has been a really, really good day so far.

Our partner-system and us has decided to take today as our weekly “together day”. These days vary wildly week by week, depending on energy levels and financial states.

Today, we took several weeks worth of cash tips that our system has earned, and have already gone out for breakfast. But the restaurant was super busy (after church crowds…blegh), so neither of us felt comfortable with sticking around too long and working on writing projects together. We found some filled loyalty coupons for a local coffee shop, though, so we’re now utilizing those to each have a tasty drink and work on various writing projects together there!

This is something that makes me really happy. Back before either system could fully escape their family-units, we would have meet-ups every so often in places like this, and work on a variety of projects together. Most of the times, it would be writing (and especially for our wife/partner-system), but especially our system would also bring drawing stuff, and the things we need to work on the rpgmaker games we have bouncing around in our brain.

Today just feels…calmer than most. Definitely calmer than any of our system has felt in awhile. {cue our system’s internal shouting that this might just be a placebo effect coming from the new med we’re on as of this past Thursday. Placebo effect or not, I personally am happy that we feel even semi-calm right now}

Our one alter is working more on his queer Peter Pan book that we posted a bit of recently. He’s really excited about it, and from the little bits I’ve seen him write, it looks amazing.

It’s been so long since we’ve been able to convince ourselves to create anything, that even a few small paragraphs feel like a monumental step. I can tell he’s actually getting a bit anxious to write some more of his thoughts down, so I should probably wrap this blog post up now and get back to enjoying a beautiful day of togetherness with the wonderful people who we’re going to spend the rest of our lives with ♥

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23 days ago

That’s so awesome, I’m happy for you guys! A weekly together day is such a great idea, and it sounds like y’all got to relax and really enjoy it. Yay! Happy vibes for you guys!

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