Darkness by VD

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

TW: SH and mention of suicide

Darkness of the mind is something hard to explain and even harder to escape. The dark words once spoken, the past experiences running rampant in your mind. The ability to let go of your darkness just a little to allow others in to help is the hardest of all. The ability to seek help, the ability to know that you’re not alone. Something that a lot of people don’t get to understand before they take their own life.

These thoughts, this darkness, runs through your head, the pain and suffering once dealt to you stabbing deeper and more powerful. The scars you caused on your skin starting to reopen on your skin, never truly healing. The harsh words dealt by you to others now being yelled back at you.

This is me. I am the one consumed on my own darkness unable to ask for assistance. I been here for what feels like decades when it only has been maybe a month. The harsh words I said to someone close eating me inside out, even though they accepted my apology. The person who stole my heart and I haven’t heard from in months a vice grip on my heart, squeezing. I dealt the hand I am now holding, the pain once caused by me now daggers stabbing my heart, yet never killing me. The scars I feel all over my arms and legs, yet not seeing them out here, knowing I broke a promise. One day I will get out, one day I will ask for the help that I know I need yet can’t seek out.

– Villain Deku [He/They/It]

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