Therapy progress

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Our therapist says that we’ve been doing amazing work over the last few weeks of therapy.

From our perspective, it feels like we’ve barely begun anything.

We’ve been integrating large groups of tiny fragments into the subsystems and alters they belong with.

Last week we did a LOT of work with “Gabriel” (they integrated more than a lot of us thought they would right away, and are in the process of trying to figure out a new name that suits them better)

This week…I worked on some of my subsystem.



[Why did we decide to go with two of the most intermingled subsystems we could choose for this project????]

Tbh…maybe a bit BECAUSE they’re so intermingled.

The fewer fragments we have to trudge through and move aside to get to them, the easier healing is going to be in general…or at least, that’s the best theory I’ve got right now.

Unfortunately, the discussion we had with our therapist was already hours ago, and the information has not fully retained.

Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy (sarcastic)

We have a long way to go.

…deep breaths, that’s what we need to remind ourselves of. Deep breaths and calm/safe places.


On another note, we sent off our DNA test today. We’re really excited to get some answers, though everything said it might take close to two months before they fully process it and send results. People are still really hoping that it returns saying that our parental-units truly are our parents…but are terrified that it’s not going to happen.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anything to be done on that note until results come back, aside from just…letting memories come up, and letting ourselves feel our emotions rather than suppressing them.

Oof are those hard to do, though


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