Random Thoughts After a Rough Night

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So, in the coolness category, I found a used copy of an out of print CD on Amazon that all we have is a low quality AAC version of. So, music, yay. It’s a band that Saoirse and I can even agree on, Tristania. Unfortunately, the only Tristania albums still in print are their earlier more metal efforts, which is too bad, because I think their later, softer Goth Rock is awesome. Kind of Kate Bush meets Sisters of Mercy. But its not on streaming services, or available for normal purchase…. $20 for a used CD is probably a bit much, but I’m just happy to finally find a copy.

Now why was I looking for out of print tunes at 4 a.m. this morning?

Yeah, therapy didn’t go that well last night. (We have weekly therapy via Zoom at night.)

So, at the beginning of therapy session, we talked about how we’re doing better – much calmer on the nightmare and flashback front. All good, but something in our subconscious sat up and said “Challenge Accepted!”. We had a flashback near the end of therapy. It was one of those incomplete memories – just a fragment. I know it happened at “the Shop” – my parent’s print shop. I don’t know how old a memory it was. And I really don’t want to get into the unpleasantness of it, as I’ve spent most of the night trying to get us past that.

Saoirse works. I provide pooh bears and comfort freaked out internal kiddos. We each have our specialties. The last 8 hours or so have been my time to shine, I guess? We’ve managed only a very few hours of sleep. Which is bad because Saoirse has a busy work day ahead. Fortunately, that day doesn’t have to start until about 10 a.m., so we still have a shot at getting a nap in.

And I don’t even know where I’m going with all this. I’m frazzled.

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