Our Inside World

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LCA & I made a map of our inner world. It’s nowhere near to scale, and things can move around in the world, it has a dream like quality to it… but it gives you an idea. This place is as real to many of us as the outside world. The kiddos and I all live together, although LCA and LJ have their own rooms and sometimes their doors are closed. TSO lives in my closet, and sometimes the closet door doesn’t open. There’s also a portal from the closet to a place in the cave system.

The cave system is more FW’s domain than mine, but its actually quite big and complicated. It’s guarded by our Bear. There are some very dark places there, but also some very safe ones. It’s a world unto itself.

The forest is bigger than the map makes it look. FW lives on the edge of the forest near the cave entrance. We go visit FW sometimes, but usually meet in the forest between our houses.

Saoirse has a dark place which is a prison camp, with barbed wire. It’s smaller than the picture makes it look. Sometimes Saoirse gets stuck in there. Other times Saoirse lives in a house with lots of computers and high tech stuff.

Janet also has a house, but is usually asleep in it when she’s not out front. Janet’s place is surrounded by a lot of Fog, although she can see Saoirse’s house.

The river branch between Saoirse and Janet is actually not very wide or deep anymore – its possible to wade across. The river in the middle of the map is still pretty big. There is a barge to cross.

And that ladies and gentleman, is our inner reality.

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