Welcome Ralph the Rat…

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Let’s see, first off, update, leg is better. Yay.

Secondly, we’re kind of a mixed up mess this morning. It happens. We’re kind of a revolving door, which is why this post is going out as T-E-C, not any one of us specifically.

Little Carol Ann met Therapy Guru’s stuffed mouse last week, and was so impressed, Sharon took her on Amazon and said she could pick out her own. Thus, Ralph the Rat has appeared. LCA was so happy with Ralph that we (big people) realized she didn’t really have anything of her own anymore. Oh, we have lots of stuffies, but they are more community property, or belong to Little Jimmy.

Saoirse actually understood LCA in a way, as most of our computers are general property, but one laptop is Saoirse’s specifically. Having your own stuff can be important. LCA used to have watercolors, but we haven’t had any in a long time. So, Saoirse being Saoirse, solved this with a computer. An unused tablet/laptop with a busted trackpad, but with a touchscreen and pen, became “watercolor”. Saoirse set it up just to be LCA’s computer. It unlocks with facial recognition, and has a painting program, the Disney+ app, as stuff like that. LCA has spent hours on it.

LCA: “people say rats are bad and dirty but ralph is a good rat. i really like my new toys this picture is ellie our kitty in our inside world by my house. the black spot on the tree is a hole for somebody to hide in. maybe ralph. having a place to hide is good. i hide inside a lot in my bedroom in my house. my house looks small on the outside but inside its really big. i live there with the other kids and sharon. i have my own room, thats is my window.”

Sharon: “I help LCA type on her computer, we’re here together. We’re dissociating a lot this morning. This post has taken an hour a half so far. Spaaaace Cadets dets dets dets”

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